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三立教育 2018年1月6日托福部分听力预测 其实每场托福考试都会有相关专家对其预测,考生们也会看一些相关预测来复习,那么,2018年1月6日的听力预测是什么呢?下面,三立在线教育托福网带大家一起来了解一下 2018年1月6日托福听力预测 1. What does the woman hope to find out by going to the art museum? A. What types of volunteer positions are available for students B. How much she would be paid for working as a tour guide C. Whether alternative arrangements can be made for becoming a tour guide D. Why a particular museum employee has not returned her phone calls 2. Why does the woman mention a test that she has to take A. To explain why sh e is unable to attend a training session B. To let the man know that she will be late for the tour on Monday C. To list one requirement she must fulfill to receive extra credit D. To show that she is aware of what she must do to become a tour guide 3. Why does the woman want to start working at the art museum before the current semester ends? A. To fulfill a graduation requirement B. To improve her grade in a class C. To earn money for the following semester 三立教育 D. To conduct research for a paper 4. What does the man imply when he mentions Professor Tyler? A. That he is familiar with the situation the woman is in B. That the training session for new tour guides covers some of the same material covered in art history classes C. That Professor Tyler recognizes which students would make good tour guides D. That Professor Tyler may have given the woman incorrect information about the job 5. According to the man, why might the woman want to consider a data processing position Click on 2 answers. A. It is probably more exciting than working as a tour guide. B. It would allow the woman to begin working immediately. C. It would give the woman experience in her major. D. It could eventually lead to a paying job. Script: Narrator:Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee at the university art museum. 独白:听下面一段学生和大学艺术博物馆职员的对话。 Student:Hi, is Mason around? 你好,梅森在吗? Employee:No, sorry he’s gone for the day. Can I help you with something? 三立教育 雇员:不,抱歉,他今天出去了。我能帮你什么忙吗? Student:Well, I hope so. See, I’m supposed to start volunteering as a tour guide on Monday. I’m scheduled to give a tour at ten. I did my first volunteer training session with Mason the other day, and I was supposed to have the second session tomorrow afternoon, which is the last one you guys offer this week, right? 嗯,我希望如此。看,我应该在周一开始做导游。我计划10点钟去旅游。前几天我和梅森做了第一次志愿者训练,明天下午我要参加第二场,这是你们这周最后一次参加的活动,对吧? Employee:Yes, it is. In fact, it’s the last one we have scheduled for this semester. Student:Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. So I don’t know what to do because I’m signed up to give that tour on Monday and it turns out I have to make up a test tomorrow afternoon. Employee: Well, yes, that is a problem, I’m afraid, because we do require two training sessions before you’re allowed to start giving tours. Student:Yeah, I know, I was hoping maybe I could work something out with Mason. He gave us his home number at the original training session, but I am not sure where I put it. Could you possibly give it again? Employee:Well, no. I am not allowed to give out employees’ phone numbers. It wouldn’t do you any good, anyway. Mason can’t waive that training requirement any more than I can. But I can sign you up for the first session next semester and you could start giving tours then. 三立教育 Student:That’s too late. Not that I wouldn’t want to do tours next semester. I mean, I do want to keep doing it. It’s just that, see I really need to start this semester. My art history professor is giving me a chance to bring my grade up. He said that I could get extra credit if I wrote a paper for him and volunteered here at the art museum. Employee:Is this Professor Tyler’s class? Student:Uh-huh. Employee:Yeah, I thought so. You’re not the first student that he’s sent our way. Look, did he specify that it had to be a tour guide? Student:Well, not exactly. I just thought… Employee:Because believe me, we could use you in other capacities. Student:Really? Employee:Well, it’s not as glamorous as being a tour guide, but we always need people to work in the museum gift shop, or how are you with data entry, data processing, stuff like that? Student:Pretty good, actually. Employee:Because we desperately someone right away to help us keep our membership list up to date, work on our monthly newsletter, things like that. Sounds kind of boring I know, but after you’ve had some experience, it could lead to a paid position. Student:Well, that’d certainly be a plus. Tell you what? Let me just check with Professor Tyler, make sure it’s alright with him and I will get back to 三立教育 you sometime tomorrow, okay? Employee:Okay, great。
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